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U.S. Court of Appeals, second highest court in the land, held in Tom G. Murphy v. Commissioner No. 92-70108, 1993 US App that any person who hires an appraiser, who holds the same designation, and/or, who has the same appraisal training and appraisal education as Joe Cornell, CMA, ASA, ISA, is hiring a professional expert appraiser
Choosing an Appraiser?

Choosing an appropriate appraiser to do an appraisal report, if the goal is to receive a credible and reliable appraisal report, is as critical in picking out one's doctor, if the goal is getting a satisfactory surgical result...

Writing a credible appraisal requires an appraiser to identify the appraisal problem, understand the process necessary to solve the problem, properly execute the pertinent research and analysis and prepare a report, which meets industry standards....
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